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Sorghum Summit Ale - Partial Mash Booster Kit

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Sorghum Summit Ale - Partial Mash Booster Kit

Original Gravity: 1.049
Final Gravity: 1.010
Alcohol By Volume: 5.2%
Color SRM: ~6.5-7
Bitterness IBU: 39
Yield: 5 gallons

Malts are a naturally gluten free product malted in a dedicated gluten free facility. Produces gluten free beer. Use Amylase Enzymes to convert starches into sugars which can then be fermented by brewing yeast.

Our Booster Kits diversifies the flavor profile of sorghum based beer by using gluten free malts that add body, head retention and a "mouthy" feel. Sorghum syrup is not included.

KIT INCLUDES: Step-by-step brewing tutorial including mash, sparge and boil instructions, 2 lb Crystal millet malt, 1 lb Buckwheat malt, 0.5 lb Rice hulls, 1 oz Summit hops, 1 oz Cascade hops, 1 Whirlfloc tablet, 1 pkg Mangrove Jack’s M44 U.S. West Coast Yeast

INGREDIENTS NEEDED BUT NOT INCLUDED: 6.6 lb Sorghum syrup 45DE, 15-25 ml Termamyl or SEBAmyl BAL 100, and 15-25 ml SEBAmyl L, 2.5 tsp Yeast Nutrient, 5 oz Priming sugar (if bottling)

EQUIPMENT NEEDED: 6+ gallon brew kettle, Grain bag (for steeping), Primary fermenter with lid, Secondary fermenter w/ lid, Airlocks, Sanitizer, Thermometer, Grain mill, Stainless stirring spoon, Bottling or kegging equipment

Price: $24.49
Ship Weight: 3.42 Pounds

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