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Cascade / Centennial Session

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Cascade / Centennial Session

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Beer Style: Specialty 
Recipe Type: extract
Yield: 5 gallons


Cascade hopped low %ABV session beer. Nice light and citrusy.


  • 1/2 tsp 5.2ph stabilizer
  • 2 lb toasted buckwheat groats (steep 45min @ 165f)
  • 3 lb sorghum extract (60min)
  • 1 lb raw sugar (60min)
  • 1 oz cascade (45min)
  • .5 oz cascade (15min)
  • 1 tbsp Irish moss (10min)
  • .5 oz cascade (5min)
  • 1oz centennial (ko)
  • 1 pkg Safale S-05
  • 1 oz cascade dry-hopped in secondary
  • 5 oz priming sugar

Additional Instructions

Primary Ferment: 14 days
Secondary Ferment: 14 days

Beer Profile

Original Gravity: 1.032
Final Gravity: 1.008
Alcohol by Vol: 3.0%
Color SRM: 12.0
Bitterness IBU: 35.0
Recipe Type: extract
Yield: 5.0 Gallons
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Bring 4gal water to 170F add crushed buckwheat in grain bag to water and steep 45 minutes. Pull and rinse grains with water to bring boil volume to 7.5 gal, I added just over 3 gallons with extract and sugar should give you 7.5 gal for full boil. If you cannot handle full boil follow usual extract 5 gal boil and add water to carboy to get 5.5 gal to primary after boil. Bring wort to boil, cut flame to add sugar and sorghum, return to boil and achieve hot break. Add hops and finings according to time schedule. Cool wort below 80F and pitch yeast. I have been rehydrating my yeast with 1 cup boiled water cooled to 98f, add packet to water swirling in, cover for 15 min, stir into water and wait another 15 min, pitch within 30 min. I also have been aerating with my pump and stainless diffuser, 45 min timing yeast to pitch in last 10 min of aeration. I ferment in fridge at 64f primary 14 days rack to secondary and dry-hop 1 oz cascade for additional 14 days. Rack, prime and bottle condition 10 days.

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