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Belgian Strong Saison

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Belgian Strong Saison

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Beer Style: American Pale Ale, Belgain Pale Ale, Belgain Pale Strong Ale, Classic English Pale Ale 
Recipe Type: extract
Yield: 5 gallons


Belgain saison made with tapioca, sorghum, beet and candi sugars


  • 4 lbs Tapioca Syrup (prior to boil)
  • 2 lbs Sorghum Syrup (prior to boil)
  • 0.5 lb Beet Sugar (prior to boil)
  • 0.5 Candi Sugar (prior to boil)
  • 1 oz Styrian Goldings Hops (60 min)
  • 2 oz Saaz Hops (60 min)
  • 8g Coriander (10 min)
  • 3g Fresh Ginger (10 min)
  • 2.5g Seeds of Paradise (10 min)
  • 1 pkg Yeast - Recipe used Wyeast Belgian Saison Yeast which is not completely gluten free; may also use T-58 or S-33

Additional Instructions

Primary Ferment: 14 days at 80 - 90 degrees

Beer Profile

Alcohol by Vol: 0.0%
Color SRM: 0.0
Bitterness IBU: 0.0
Recipe Type: extract
Yield: 5.0 Gallons
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Bring waterto boil, and primary fermentable sugars, return to boil and achieve hot break.

Add hops and other ingredients according to schedule.

Chill wort until appropriate temperature to pitch yeast.

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